#14: Do –

Be content with your place in life.

Especially if you happen to find that your place is suddenly behind that of that fit hot young blonde cycle chick from work who has somehow just managed to pass your ass while riding home.

Sure, you could go all macho and pass her right back, cos we can’t just lose to a chick like that time your little brother came second in a national building competition, getting beat by a girl of all people!
You could.

Or you could just sit back and relax and realize that there’s worse places in life to be than behind a nice Lycra-clad behind.

Mmmmm, sweet objectification.


One Response to #14: Do –

  1. Bud Buckley says:

    I’m sure that’s why we always say “Ladies first.” The nuns who taught me that had some other reason in mind I’m sure, but, Thank you, Sr. Mary Confusing!

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